Testing the app on real websites improved performance.

Instant Prices


Between 4% and 10% of website visitors downloaded the app to check affordability. These people were about to abandon the website without leaving any details because it wasn't giving them what they want.

Instant Prices

Measure and price windows / doors.

20% of the people who download the app use it to measure windows and doors. These people are ready to buy, they just want to check the price first. By giving them the option you are helping them with their purchase.

Instant Prices

People want to confirm prices.

Naturally people want to confirm the price. They want to know the windows and doors have been measured correctly, so they will ask you to survey the work and sit with them to confirm specifications and the quote.

Instant Prices

Your visit is easier for everyone.

This is a much more pleasant appointment. Its based on their options, whatever finance options are suitable for them and your business great service offer. The price is already sorted out.

How it works

Our new app can measure any window or door and gives your web visitors all the style and colour options they need to get an instant quote on their phone.

1. Download the app.

2. Measure you windows with your phone, or input the sizes manually.

3. Choose your style and colour

4. Contact the installer or just book a survey.

Why use double glazing app?

The easy answer is transparency and simplicity. More people will download the your app rather than just leave your website. Once people know they can afford new windows and doors they move away from the price issue and onto features and benefits. Everyone wins once the price objection is out of the way.

We know people want to check prices before they buy.

In 2020 almost everything you buy from a house to a holiday, is price conditioned before you sit with sales. Improving the home is no different, no one wants to sit for hours haggling about price when they have no idea of the price before they start. Your app puts people at ease, it allows them to ask you the questions that really count from the start.

Invest in the benefits of double glazing.

Energy Efficient

Energy efficient double glazing will help keep the heat in as well as storing up that heat from the winter sun, resulting in you not having to reach for that thermostat too quickly in the winter months.

Reduce Noise

Noise reduction is another main advantage of double glazing, especially if you live by a busy road or in the middle of a town or city where noise pollution can be a problem. High quality double glazing can reduce outside noise by up to 60%.

Increase Value

Making the investment in double glazing could also increase the value of your home, particularly in older properties as it will be more appealing to potential buyers in the future.

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