Measure your windows and doors to see how affordable they really are.

Instant Prices

Instant Prices

As you select each window or door you will get an instant price including VAT & installation. You can include as many windows & doors as you need.

Instant Prices

Fixed Prices

Assuming the measurements are correct your quote is fixed. However you are not committed to any quote until you have accepted your survey, so there is no risk.

Instant Prices

Every style & shape

Our app includes most styles of window & door including all available colours. If you have a bespoke requirement just select the closest to it and we can adjust it at survey.

Instant Prices

Finance Plans Available

There are several finance options available to you to make it really affordable. Just confirm your quote and we can discuss options before you order.

How it works

Our new app can measure any window or door and gives you all the style and colour options you need to get an instant quote on your phone.

1. Download the app to load the price list.

2. Measure you windows with your phone, or input the sizes manually.

3. Choose your style and colour

4. Confirm your price.

Why use double glazing app?

The easy answer is transparency and simplicity. Check out the prices in your own time on your mobile phone. When you are happy with the price tap “Confirm Price” within the app and we can tell you about finance options and answer any questions you may have. You can also call or email us at any time from within the app.

We know you want to check prices before you buy.

When you are searching for replacement windows and doors you need to know its affordable before you speak to a representative. So our app allows you to get your prices which include installation and vat before you sit with us. 90% of our window styles and colours are already within the app so it’s never been easier to know just how affordable new windows and doors really are.

Invest in the benefits of double glazing.

Energy Efficient

Energy efficient double glazing will help keep the heat in as well as storing up that heat from the winter sun, resulting in you not having to reach for that thermostat too quickly in the winter months.

Reduce Noise

Noise reduction is another main advantage of double glazing, especially if you live by a busy road or in the middle of a town or city where noise pollution can be a problem. High quality double glazing can reduce outside noise by up to 60%.

Increase Value

Making the investment in double glazing could also increase the value of your home, particularly in older properties as it will be more appealing to potential buyers in the future.

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